Artist Book



A title-less artist book, composed of 10 accordion fold, white sommerset pages. Imagery is composed of stone lithographs with added embossing. Hand bound black fabric hardcover with screen printed text on the back cover.

This artist book is the  first in a series of work which examines notions of masculinity, difficulty, emotion depression. Unfolding a narrative of trouble and isolation. Designed with no title and no inner text the book is intended to catch the audience off guard, leading them into a darkening plot with a disconcerting lack of knowledge as to what is happening, reference to how lost and helpless people feel when confronted with someone close dealing with depression and melancholy. The audience is presented with a series of events to decipher only at the end are fragments of explanation provided in the form of verse on the back cover.








The back cover reads:

They talk and talk
but never hear,
your words they fall
on broken ears.
Cold and only; lost and lonely
in a world of hate and fear
where all you hear is never
and end is always near.

litho book
Copyright © Aaron Smyth. All Rights Reserved.