Ecce Homo

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47 cm x 190cm, comprised of a series of lithographs printed in sections onto a single sheet of Chinese calligraphy paper.

‘Ecce Homo’ is the 4th work in the series which examines he role of masculinity and the psychological separation this role creates between the interior and exterior, looking at how men express/ suppress their emotions. With this work, I ask the audience to confront their social, cultural and historical values, to readdress ideas of what “masculinity” could potentially engender and what it continues to perpetuate. The piece was conceived as the final in the series of work exploring the concept of masculinity, presenting the icon of a generation of men who cannot properly process or deal with their emotions, a state which has lead to the rising rate of suicide, depression and self-harm in our culture.

Finished work was displayed in the Black Church Print Studio Cabinet, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, From 5th September – 17th of October 2013.



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