Ecce Puer (II)

‘Ecce Puer’ is a body of work which investigates the division between the corporal and metaphysical nature of being, examining how an individual constructs an identity/identities. This second body of work in the series consists of large scale Charcoal and Conte drawings.They employ static textures and use of life sized figures to engulf the viewer, aesthetically pulling the audience to point of identification and relation.The delicate nature of the charcoal presents a more visceral depiction reflecting the transient and delicate nature of the human condition.

loveless I & II smallerUntitled 21


Loveless I / Loveless II / Harmony in HalfLight / Melancholia / in the Fold
76 x 56 cm Charcoal and Conte on Somerset Satin 300 gsm.

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