Ecce Puer (I)

‘Ecce Puer’ investigates the division between the corporal and metaphysical nature of being, examening these themes from a more personal and singular standpoint, looking at how we individually construct our identities over our lives.

Aaron-Smyth---02_670 Ecce-Puer-I_670 AaronSmyth-03_670

In Bloom  //  Twilight of the Idols  //  Threading the Backwater (Cement Garden)
85 x 65 cm Stone Lithograph and Layered Silk Screen Prints.


Ecce Puer was presented in  ‘Signs of Memories’, a group exhibition which took place in The Russian State Art Library, Federal State Institution of Culture in July 2016. The exhibition was supported by The Embassy of Ireland, The Department of Foreign Affairs and The Krokin Gallery.


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