Kuntspodium T: Beyond The Image

10463768_856146834451046_6918425305229111132_oPhoto 01-05-2015 10 28 53

‘I, as you before’, Xerox, 294 x 203cm.

The work is composed of xeroxed bodies that were printed 2.5 times lifesize. This large scale work visually reference art historical depictions of Adam and Eve, discussing the construct in a contemporary context, highlighting the discord between socio-cultural/historical understandings of the corporal body and the limitations of our physical shells.

The engulfing scale of the artwork evokes a feeling monumentality while simultaneously giving rise to a reflection upon our own temporality through the disposable nature of the medium.

The work is equivocal simultaneously sparking thoughts of modern love, temporality, body politics and intimacy.



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