Formlines Eclipse // Social Topography // Kindled
ScreenPrint, Drawing and Collage with Perspex. 2017.

Social Topography is a  collection of works that reflect on the construction of an identity in relation to place, responding to historical and social themes. My artistic practice is concerned with investigating both the corporeal and metaphysical nature of being. Through exploring these dualities of ‘lived experience’ I touching upon themes of Identity, Intimacy, Emotion and simultaneously pose questions about Power and Gender. Beginning by exploring the local area through site visits, historical sources and conversations something that became apparent was the big influence place had on local identity and the importance it held for people. Ownership emerged as one of the defining characteristics that bound person to place bringing them towards a more unified identity. Historically the influx of people to the area seemed to rupture and displace a sense of community, over time this appears as something that has developed and refused, strengthened and diversified. It is this rupture and development that I have responded to, creating a series of works of layered imagery which strive to capture the flux which appearing at the core of both the social history and unique identity of the area.

This body of work was developed for Tallaght Community Art’s Creative Campus Project 2017 in association with RUA RED, South Dublin County Council, Noise Dublin in partnership with The National College of Art and Design. Creative Campus is an annual site-specific arts programme inviting artists to create work that engages diverse audiences in South Dublin County.

D:24 was curated by Peter Reder, supported by artist curators Aaron Smyth and Stephen Burke. Creative Campus ’17 participating schools are Deansrath Community College and Killindarden Community School as well as a special collaboration with Tallaght Young Filmmakers.

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