Viconian Embers 
Pencil Drawing and Archival Pigment Print on Contact Film mounted on Mild-Steel. 100x80cm.

Viconian Embers is from a new body of work which examines the theological and sociological landscape of the twentieth century, specifically how this has shaped a relationship with death and ritual in the present day.

Inspired by Joyce’s exploration of a ‘Viconian history’ and the cyclical nature of existence in Finnegans Wake, I explored Iconography and art historical reference, employing their formal cues to explore Vico’s concept of ‘corsi e ricorsi’. In doing this, the work reflects on a common course of development, flattening time and image together to illustrate archetypal overlaps.

Through the physical layering of hand-drawn and digital renderings, the work forms new meaning in the friction generated in-between these elements. In this way, the work reflects on modern societal tensions globally, emphasising the gaps, overlaps and folds in our rival cultural conceptions of death and dying.

In a Mythopoetic sense, Viconian Embers seeks to initiate a reflection on these themes by bringing pre-established representations into proximity, creating complications through the contrast of image-rendering, physicality in its construction and the visual interruptions these generate for an audience.

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