‘black lines’  Artist Book
This is a 20 page, stitch bound, handmade artist book. Transparent pages bring together artworks from Aaron Smyth and Gum Collective, stylising and desaturating the works to produce a distinct vision both the indavidual and collective practices.

Featured Artists:
Aaron Smyth, Alex deRoeck, Aimee Gallagher
Ciara O’Brien, Ciaran Gallen, Luke O’Meara, Sadbh O’Brien,
Sofya Mikhaylova and Stephen Lau.

This is a first edition, signed and numbered.
The piece measures 21 x 14.8cm and was published in an edition of 20.
 It was published for Culture Night, a GUM Collective group show in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Studio6.

€15.00 + €2.00 International Shipping.

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